Liv Thomas: Lacrosse, battling back from an ACL and Olympic ambitions

Feb 27, 09:00 PM

Despite being in her early 20s, Liv Thomas has already experienced a lot in her sporting career.

The GB and England lacrosse midfielder had to wait two years for her England debut, thanks to the Covid pandemic, but after finally earning that first cap she would go on to win a World Cup bronze in triple overtime.

But the difficulties would rear their head again, with Liv rupturing her ACL and tearing her meniscus. From the second she felt it, she knew something bad had happened – and it’s an injury she is still working to come back from eight months on.

That brings in one of the most challenging aspects of being an athlete in her position, as she manages the physical, financial and organisational demands of trying to be at the top of her sport but also needing to have a full time job.

For some athletes an injury like that is devastating enough in terms of severity. But many are able to be afforded much more regular time with physios than someone needing to work at the same time.

But Liv’s motivation is still as strong as ever and there’s another carrot driving her on for more in the future – the 2028 Olympic Games.

Lacrosse will be returning to the Olympic stage for those Games in Los Angeles with the IOC approving its inclusion back in October 2023.

For someone like Liv that represents an incredible opportunity and the chance to fulfil a dream, to become an Olympian.


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Image: With thanks to Liv Thomas

Music: Otis McDonald