Stress less, prioritise joy & manage your time more effectively with Negar Farah

Season 4, Episode 8,   Feb 28, 07:00 AM

Welcome back to the Careering into Motherhood podcast, In this episode, Jane interviews Negar Farah about effective time management strategies for working mothers. Negar shares her journey of overcoming anxiety and burnout while managing a demanding career and raising three children. She emphasizes the importance of planning joy and free time first, followed by meticulous scheduling of work tasks. Negar advocates for creating strategic blocks of focus time to achieve specific results, turning off distractions, and being selective about commitments to maintain work-life balance. She offers practical tips for maximizing productivity, such as identifying peak hours of productivity and setting boundaries to prioritize personal well-being. Through insightful anecdotes and actionable advice, Negar inspires listeners to take control of their time and thrive as working mothers.

Meet Negar (@negarfarah_coach ), a Career Coach who empowers women in professional services to foster positive habits, rekindle motivation and confidently pursue ambitions. She believes you deserve to have balance in life and work and do that with a career you love.

Ready to explore a future that resonates with your authentic self? Connect with Negar to create a roadmap to a future that aligns with your true self, finding the work-life balance and fulfilment you desire. You can learn more about how Negar can support you by visiting her Careering into Motherhood page.

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