Ranking Stephen King Cameos with Screen Draft's Clay Keller and Ryan Marker

Episode 220,   Feb 28, 08:30 AM

Are you ready for the podcast crossover event of the century? Well, you damn well should be because The Kingcast boys are welcoming Screen Draft's Clay Keller and Ryan Marker and turning the tables on them. Wampler and Vespe serve as commissioners and it's up to Clay and Ryan to rank the top 7 Stephen King Cameos of all time. What will make the cut? How many King cameos will actually be for movies based on King's work? You might be surprised by what Clay and Ryan pick, but we can guarantee you'll have a blast hearing them justifying their choices.

Popular podcast Screen Drafts invited the Kingcast boys onto their show to rank the top 13 Stephen King Adaptations, so it only seemed right that they journey over to The Kingcast and bring their ranking expertise for a wild curveball episode.