Itaconix Q&A: CEO John Shaw on delivering the right ingredients for green growth

Episode 1819,   Feb 28, 03:04 PM

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Vox Markets talks to Itaconix #ITX co-founder and chief executive John Shaw on what’s behind a year that’s seen the natural chemicals specialist deliver record revenues, and how the cost, performance, and safety advantages of its plant-based manufacturing ingredients are opening up multiple market opportunities.

0:30 Discusses the highlights and drivers of a year that saw Itaconix deliver record revenues
2:07 How the performance and cost advantages of the company’s itaconic-acid based ingredients are driving major growth across private label manufacturers in North America.
3:26 Signs of traction in the larger European market for dishwasher tablets, including interest from contract manufacturers to major retailers.
4:25 How the company’s production facility has headroom to meet significant growth opportunities, and the economies of scale behind the business.
6:07 New market opportunities, including multi-million-dollar leather, paint markets, and adult hygiene, and how that’s supported by last year’s fundraise.
9:18 The environment advantages of Itaconix’s natural products and their potential to change the industrial landscape.
11:25 The company’s plans for 2024 and the focus on becoming EBITDA profitable.