Private Markets Miniseries: Season 2 Highlights

Episode 129,   Feb 29, 06:00 AM

In today’s episode, the Money Maze Podcast takes a short trip back to 2023 to revisit our Second Private Markets Series

We shared fascinating conversations with guests from the likes of TPG, Tikehau Capital, Nasdaq Private Market, CAIS, and IFM Investors.  

In case you missed those episodes, we have compiled together some of the highlights from those episodes, including David Neal of IFM Investors on why infrastructure ‘feels like almost the perfect institutional asset class’ and Matt Brown of CAIS on how technology is bridging the gap between financial advisors and alternative asset managers.

We also hear from Pamela Pavkov and Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri of the TPG NEXT fund, which is investing in underrepresented alternative asset managers, Mathieu Chabran on Tikehau Capital’s extraordinary growth story and Tom Callahan, CEO of Nasdaq Private Market, who explains how the world of secondary markets for private stocks works. 

You can listen to all the full episodes here via

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