Airline Disasters

Feb 29, 07:05 PM

Join hosts Ed Voccola (Rick and Morty, Bless The Harts) and Chris Cullari (Blumhouse, The Aviary) for a wild trip through the world of what scares them.

This week, Chris faces one of his greatest fears: Flight. From the biggest body counts to the most white-knuckle crashes, the boys jet into the wild blue yonder and return to tell the tale.

Don't love every word we say? Ok, weirdo. Here's some "chapters" to find what you DO love:

00:00:00 -Welcome aboard Scared All The Time Air!
00:01:14 - Housekeeping (aka: damn these frogs.
00:03:09 - Chris and Ed on planes and flying.
00:13:23 - Missing Virgin America!
00:18:36 - On to the disasters.
00:20:49 - The largest loss of life.
00:36:14 - The Scariest plane crash (to Chris).
00:58:36 - Suicidal pilots (evil version).
01:07:32 - Suicidal pilots (less evil version).
01:14:38 - The Fear Tier.

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