Somewhere In Time (1980)

Season 5, Episode 4,   Feb 29, 07:46 PM

If you are a member if INSITE, apologies for our critique of this film as a Time Travel Movie. We are genuinely curious about your fan club and especially your Grand Hotel Shenanigans. While this movie had its flaws in our estimation, cult like dedication to a film is something we can all get behind.

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Strap in for a journey through the heartstrings and the space-time continuum in this emotionally charged episode of "Time Pop: The Time Travel Movie Podcast." We're diving into the 1980 romantic drama, "Somewhere in Time," where Christopher Reeve's quest for love transcends the bounds of time itself. 🕰️💔

Join us as we unravel a tale of hypnotic time travel, star-crossed lovers, and the enduring question of whether a pocket watch can truly loop through eternity. We witness Richard Collier (Reeve) fall for a portrait of Elise McKenna (Jane Seymour) and hypnotize himself back to 1912 in a desperate bid to turn fiction into reality. But is this love story a timeless classic or a period piece that's lost its luster?

From the perplexing paradoxes to the sweat-drenched attempts at time-hopping, we dissect the mechanics of self-hypnosis as a means of temporal travel and ponder the missed opportunities for a deeper dive into the time travel lore. 🌀

Despite its cult following and an annual pilgrimage of fans to the Grand Hotel, we ask the hard question: Does "Somewhere in Time" stand the test of time? And for those who've ever contemplated the lengths they'd go for love, we explore the romantic and tragic implications of a love that's both boundless and bound by time. 

Prepare for a mix of critique, nostalgia, and a touch of the fantastical as we explore the highs, the lows, and the timeless (or time-lost) escapades of "Somewhere in Time." It's a time travel debate that might just have you questioning the power of a penny from the future. 💑🚫

For more time-trekking discussions and exclusive content, remember to check out our Patreon at, and don't forget to send your movie recommendations and thoughts to We're eager to hear what time-bending tales you want us to explore next!

📋 Episode Chapters

(00:00) Time pop is a podcast that discusses time travel and pop culture
(04:30) This is fun because it's a terrible movie and it's not the terrible kind
(06:23) We were hoping to get this for Valentine's Day. That didn't work out
(06:44) Is Christopher Reeve a bad actor in Superman? I think he is
(08:14) This movie is about a screen playwright who falls in love with an old watch
(11:27) Des goes to his college professor to see if time travel is possible
(14:38) Hypnotizing himself, convincing himself that he's in 1912
(17:20) Scott: There's a lot that's weird about this movie
(21:24) Jane Seymour says Universal hid the movie because the screen Actors Guild had strike
(23:45) Christopher Reeve plays a playwright in 1912. The acting troop left for Denver
(28:11) The penny is out of its time, which takes him out of hypnosis
(28:35) Time traveling is a very sweaty experience in the Wikipedia
(31:34) Scott: He does not know he is a time traveler. At no point in the past did he
(34:26) So what is know we rate our films on the time travel science
(37:01) The book uses different time frames than the previous one. It's almost like a companion piece
(38:00) We heard this film was a classic. And, uh, the trailers had looked poor
(39:32) This is about as perfect example as there is of bad, bad filmmaking
(41:57) Scott: I was curious what the lowest score we've given so far
(43:09) Scott plays a little game called recency biased
(43:21) Scott says this is his top ten list out of ten films
(43:44) So of the movies that we've rated in the last five months, here's your top ten
(45:27) We have to apply all of our films to this rating system
(47:11) Time pop asks again that you like, subscribe and tell a friend about Time pop
(49:06) Would you time travel in the past for love? Probably not
(52:12) This movie is questionable when it comes to time travel. Yeah, this definitely is like. Just questionable
(53:18) Richard Collier is about to begin an incredible journey into another realm
(54:46) A haunting story of the link between a man and a woman


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