International Zero Discrimination Day: Stigma remains the biggest challenge in fight against HIV/AIDS

Episode 2652,   Mar 01, 10:01 AM

On the International Zero Discrimination Day, the South Sudan HIV/AIDs Commission says stigma remains one of the biggest challenges in fight against the disease. Zero Discrimination Day is an annual day celebrated on 1 March each year by the United Nations and other international organizations. The day aims to promote equality before the law and in practice throughout the member states of the UN. This year’s theme for the day is: “To protect everyone’s health, protect everyone’s rights.”
The guests are:
1. Hon. Dr. Acol Ayom, Deputy Chairperson of the South Sudan AIDS Commission 
2. Betty Araba, UNAIDS Advisor
3. Lole Laila Lole Chairperson of South Sudan Network of People Living with HIV.