TCP EP 36: Interview with Margery Metzger, True Crime Author of Hidden Demons: Evil Visits a Small New England Town

Season 2, Episode 6,   Mar 21, 2023, 09:08 PM

Here we go everybody this is the TCP and I am John Stamp, Tiger-dog is chilling here with me. And so far, he’s managed to stay awake.
 First off, Wraith of Sheltermount with the new cover is live in both paperback and kindle, check it out. Jeff Hayes at Plasmafire graphics did a
fantastic job capturing the tone of the book. I’m glad you guys like it.
 Second, continuing my wholehearted thanks for your continuing support for Brother’s Keeper, Blood Red Ivory, and Spoilers on Audible. Thank you for all the
support and compliments you’ve sent.
 Tonight, I’m talking to Margery Metzger about serial killer Lewis Lent and her new book, Hidden Demons, Evil Visits a Small New England Town.
 Margery has been a social worker, Exercise therapist, and film festival director. Hidden Demons is Margery’s first book.