TCP Ep. 21 Bestselling Crime Writer Frank Zafiro

Season 1, Episode 21,   Sep 06, 2022, 10:00 AM


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I'm excited to talk to bestselling author of multiple crime series, novellas, and short stories and Host of the Wrong Place, Write Crime Podcast Frank Zafiro.

Frank served in the U.S. Army from 1986-91 in Military Intelligence as a Czechoslovak linguist. In 1993, he became a police officer in Spokane, Washington. During his career, he worked as a patrol officer, corporal, and detective before entering into leadership roles, becoming a sergeant in 2002. He was fortunate enough to command patrol officers, investigators, K-9 officers (and their dogs!), and the SWAT team. He also commanded both the patrol division and investigative division of the police department at different points in his career.

Frank retired from law enforcement in 2013 as a captain to write full time and teach in both the Criminal Justice and Writing fields.

Frank primarily writes gritty crime fiction from both sides of the badge. This includes his River City series (an ensemble cast of police officers) and his SpoCompton series (a rotating cast of criminals). His storytelling creed is that the good guys usually win… but not always, and never without a cost. 

He has two recent releases:

The Ride-Along (a police procedural in the Charlie-316 series) puts a police reform activist and a police officer in the same patrol car for a ten-hour graveyard shift. Sparks fly, ideas get argued, but these two good people also listen to each other…

All That This Life Requires is the second Jack McCrae Mystery. Jack “Mac” McCrae is a retired police officer. In this book, Mac’s mentor and hero has died. The man’s son comes to Mac with a letter that seems to confess to a vague misdeed. Mac must discover what it was, and upon discovering it, decide if justice was truly served.

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