“Murder in Boston” - An Interview with Adrian Walker

Season 8,   Mar 02, 06:00 PM

“Murder in Boston” - An Interview with Adrian Walker (Bonus Episode)

On October 23, 1989, 29-year-old Charles Stuart placed a 911 call to report that he and his wife, Carol, had been carjacked, driven to a secluded section of the city, robbed, and shot.  

A city-wide manhunt for the assailant began.  But, from the start, police were suspicious about Charles Stuart’s story.  Stuart was gravely wounded, but his wife, seven months pregnant with their first child, died, as did their unborn baby.

The series of events that unfolded afterward would captivate the city of Boston and the nation.  A new podcast produced by the Boston Globe and presented in association with HBO MAX titled “Murder in Boston” revisits this true crime case and provides never-before-heard details of the crime, the perpetrator, and the havoc it wreaked on the city of Boston.

Adrian Walker was a new reporter working for the Boston Globe at the time Charles Stuart’s 911 call shook the city.  It’s a story that has resonated with him personally as a journalist and a citizen of Boston.  He hosts the new podcast “Murder in Boston” and, along with a team of Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporters, unveils explosive new findings that change the narrative of a story long cemented in the city’s lore. 

I’m pleased to share my conversation with Adrian Walker about this fascinating case in this bonus episode. 




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