Napton Water Buffalo Burgers at eh Good Food Show

Jun 14, 2012, 02:06 PM

Near Daventry - Farm selling; Water Buffalo Milk and Meat; Interesting flavours of ice cream; Buffalo Bello hard cheese; natural yoghurt and buffalo mozzorello; burgers & sausages.

Napton Water Buffalo was born in 1999, The herd now numbers over 300 animals, and together with 50 Friesian cows,

The herd originally came from Romania, where buffalos are a common sight. There are actually more water buffalo kept world-wide than cows. The Water Buffalo are not to be confused with their African cousins, or the American "buffalo", which are really bison! The true Water Buffalo, Bubalus Bubalis, are native across most of Asia, and are the only variety which can be milked.

The farm began to diversify during 2004 into their own dairy products made from the water buffalo milk. The first of these was the development and manufacture of ice creams, with the help of Steve Holley from the Cropredy Bridge Ice Cream Company. The ice creams come in many interesting flavours, including Chocolate Orange and Christmas Pudding. Napton Water Buffalo have also developed two types of hard cheese, Buffalo Bello Original and Smoky Bello oak smoked cheese.

Napton Water Buffalo also offer fresh meat in hampers for sale directly from the farm. Burgers and sausages hand made from buffalo meat are also available.