Navigating Sobriety, Transfer Addictions, ADHD & Spirituality with Issy Hawkins

Episode 13,   Mar 03, 07:00 PM

Issy Hawkins joins us this week for the LAST episode of Hangxiety (only of season 1, don’t worry, we’ll be back very very soon!) Issy, who is a sobriety content creator, has just celebrated 9 years of sobriety (woo!) We explore navigating sobriety in your 20s, what rehab is like, ADHD as a woman, transfer addictions, spirituality, trauma and whether when life goes tits up shall we all just join a commune?? I could go on forever about this episode, it’s been one of my favourites to record and I could have spoken to Issy for hours & hours. Enjoy!


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Anxious, sober & over-sharing as usual 🥰
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