Polarean’s Chris von Jako: “I’ve been bringing new and important life changing medical technologies to market for 30 years”

Episode 1822,   Mar 04, 10:54 AM

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Vox Markets speaks to Chris von Jako, chief executive of Polarean #POLX, about the company’s five pillar strategy to drive uptake of its life saving lung imaging technology.

0:29 Chris von Jako describes the progress the company’s made on the regulatory and commercial front since he joined as CEO last June.
3:57 Discusses Chris’s 30 years of experience in overcoming the challenges of bringing new medical devices to market.
6:54 Details of the company’s XENOVIEW technology, and how it offers clinicians a unique and highly effective approach lung diagnostics.
11:14 Insurance support and other ways Polarean is planning to drive take up of the technology.
13:44 The importance of partnerships as a route to market, and progress identifying new partners alongside Phillips
15:13 Financing requirements for the five-pillar strategy and where it could take Polarean commercially.