Lawrence Mellili-How To Art Direct Campaigns That Transcend Advertising

Episode 12,   Mar 04, 05:59 PM

Lawrence Melilli is a Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland where he has spent the last decade. In his time there he’s overseen and worked across brands like KFC, Jordan Brand, Nike, EA Sports, EAFC (formerly FIFA), Old Spice, HBO, Trolli, Expedia, P&G, Ford and Fox Sports. These opportunities have led him to some interesting situations including: being patched into a conference call with Michael Jordan, standing in a buffet line with Ice Cube, reanimating the corpse of Colonel Sanders, being one half of an awkward hug with the reigning NBA MVP, cowering in the corner of a hotel suite while the creators of Game of Thrones recounted having their hands broken by Aquaman, performing an epic troll job on 300 million gamers, and being sent to the last known whereabouts of El Chapo to shoot a deodorant commercial. 

2x Cannes Lions Grand Prix winner, One Show Jury Member, 10 year Wieden+Kennedy Veteran, and my work has been featured on Saturday Night Live, Kim Kardashian's Instagram, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, the Atlantic, and the NY Times to name a few. 

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