Work-Life Flourish: Redefining your career path with positive psychology with Belinda Batt

Season 4, Episode 9,   Mar 06, 07:00 AM

Welcome back to the Careering into Motherhood podcast! Dive into this conversation where your host Jane welcomes Belinda Jane Batt, an accredited coach and passionate advocate for the flourishing mother. They explore the transformative power of positive psychology in empowering mothers to redefine their careers and reclaim their confidence. From debunking societal narratives to embracing the squiggly career path, Belinda shares invaluable insights and practical tips for mothers navigating the complexities of work-life balance. Discover the secrets to unlocking your full potential and thriving as a mother in both personal and professional spheres. Tune in for an inspiring journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

Meet Belinda (@flourishingmother ), a Life Coach who uses evidence-based positive psychological tools to support mothers to smash maternal guilt and return to work feeling confident and empowered.

If you’re a mother struggling to find balance, connection and personal growth amidst the joys and challenges of motherhood, you can learn more about how Belinda can support you by visiting her Careering into Motherhood page.

And, if you're a Coach interested in joining the Careering into Motherhood partnership programme, find out more here Become a Partner Coach - Careering into Motherhood where you'll also find details of all of our Coaching Partners and a library full of coaching tools to help working mums find fulfilment.