Haiti gangs wreak havoc in Port-au-Prince

Mar 05, 05:00 PM

Gangs are taking over Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince. Police and the military have been ineffective in stopping the gangs from attacking the country's main airport last night and breaking out of thousands of inmates from prison over the weekend. And, a UN report finds credible the allegations of sexual assault by Hamas militants on Oct. 7, and against hostages held in Gaza. UN Special Representative for Sexual Violence in Conflict Pramila Patten went to Israel and the West Bank with a team to examine and gather information about allegations of sexual violence. Also, AidChild is an organization founded by American missionary Nathaniel Dunigan in 2000 to support children with HIV. The World's Halima Gikandi conducted a yearlong investigation on children's orphanages in Uganda and found several allegations of abuse and neglect at the organization, going back a decade. Plus, a satellite to help fight climate change by detecting methane.