Behind the Scenes: Men’s Behavior, Olympics Talk, and Robbery Confessions on DIYS

Episode 241,   Mar 07, 07:28 PM

Dam Internet, You Scary! hosts Patrick Cloud and Tahir Moore break down the disturbing but interesting stories on the internet!

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In this lively episode, the we dive into a mix of humor, health, and the high stakes of hosting the Olympics. Tune in for a rollercoaster of topics with hosts Tahir Moore and Patrick Cloud.

- Tahir and Patrick share personal experiences of changing behaviors around girlfriends, while guest Cameron discusses the tricky politics of board games in relationships.
- The panel ponders the potential problems and perks of the upcoming Olympic Games, from real estate to infrastructural transformations.
- A candid conversation ensues on brain health foods, from antioxidant-rich nuts to the debated benefits of a good old glass of wine.
- Snoop Dogg's missed performance cue and subsequent discussions on celebrity involvement in sports commentary serve up some serious laughs.
- Finally, Tahir recalls a comedic yet unfortunate robbery event at work.

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