E65 - Gill Bland, The Marathon Runner

Mar 08, 06:30 AM

Gill's story as a Christian, mother and marathon runner is inspiring. Taking up marathon running in 2011, Gill progressed to a personal best of 2:53:22 in 2016, all while working and more recently becoming a mum.

Listen for how Gill's identity in Christ is game-changing for her sport, church, to family life.

(0:00) Intro and Jan's bio
(1:30) What does it mean to have your sport and faith connected?
(3:16) How Gill got into running marathons
(5:52) Running highlights, and challenges so far
(9:35) How does Gill balance running, work, church and family life?
(13:53) What's it like to share faith with other runners?
(17:21) Is it hard for people in church to understand your commitment to running?
(20:21) Positive changes and possible pitfalls for women's running as the sport evolves.
(26:33) Coming back to running after pregnancy
(30:51) Has running shaped your faith?
(33:57) Outro