Med Bed Tech In A Patch

Episode 85,   Mar 09, 11:55 AM

Mind blowing tech been using for a while now quite obvious in results, strength, sleep and general feeling of wellness!

Thought id do an interview with someone and find out a little bit more.

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Our new stem cell activation patch this is a very powerful new technology and you really should watch some of the videos to wrap your head around the true magic of this its so simple.

How to Wear X39
✓Wear your X39 patch 12 hours on and 12 hours off to repair and rejuvenate.
✓ Throw away the X39 patch after 12 hours.
✓ Put a new patch on 12 hours later and repeat daily. You can wear more than one patch at a time.
✓ Drink plenty of water.

How do X39 Life wave patches actually work?

Its essentially treating the body with its own frequencies, our bodies run on light as a form of communication. We stimulate the skin with a blend of different wavelengths of light that are modulated to contain information. Imagine lazer communications, fiber optics modulate the light to contain information and at the receiving end the light is unpacked and de-coded so we can see video or hear sound.

We have bio-electrical systems based on math and geometry in our bodies. If we can understand the biological code we can do remarkable things.

The human body works much the same way, light is emitted from the cells, coming from the DNA and hydrogen bonds, these light emissions are essentially from the spiritual realms (chi, prana, light energy) There are thousands and thousands of bio chemical reactions that are happening at any one time, there are pulses of coherent lazer like light that is emitted from the dna and the cells orchestrates and iniitiates the changing bio chemical environment in the cell.

Now through the normal course of aging our glutathion or copper peptide levels will decrease but if we know the code to stimulate the skin and communicate with the body and increase the copper peptides levels and improve the stem cells activity and we know the code, there is nothing more complicated than stiulating the skin with the wave lengths of the light to instruct the cells to elevate the peptides.

These codes are coming from some special animals that are immortal in nature and biblical texts (God fingerprints) we can use these codes (light information) to support the natural healing system in ways that have never been available before (true quantum tech)

How does it work

light energy

David Schmidt

Dr Leman powerful interview

Here is the link to order: