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Season 7, Episode 25,   Mar 10, 11:45 AM

Phil Carroll and Kevin Hornsby welcome Tim Blake, CEO of Hydrogen Future Industries plc (AQSE: HFI), a pioneering force in the green hydrogen production sector. Over the past year, HFI has marked significant milestones, from enhancing its intellectual property with international patents acquisition in October 2022, to groundbreaking prototype testing of its advanced aerodynamic wind turbine in Montana, USA. These tests have not only validated the turbine's efficiency and noise reduction capabilities but also forecasted a substantial increase in energy production.

In parallel, HFI's collaboration with Tower Green Holdings Limited in January 2023 underscores their commitment to establishing hydrogen hubs in England, further solidifying their role in the hydrogen economy. Technological advancements continued with the development of an electrolyser prototype in California, achieving exceptional efficiency rates up to 97%, a testament to their dedication to innovation and sustainability. HFI is poised to revolutionize the energy landscape with its wind-based hydrogen production system.

They are also joined by Metals One CEO Jonathan Owen, as the company aims to significantly advance its Black Schist Ni-Zn-Cu-Co Project in Finland by increasing geological confidence and volumes through infill and step-out drilling, especially targeting the R1 and P5 areas. Utilizing its innovative prospectivity model, the company intends to rapidly identify and secure new targets across the Kainuu Schist Belt to enhance its portfolio of critical minerals. This strategy is underpinned by recent drilling successes and aims to leverage advanced exploration technologies to de-risk and expedite the discovery of mineralized black schists. The company's ambition is to define a substantial 200 Mt resource in the Paltamo area, positioning itself as a key supplier of critical minerals to the European market. This endeavor not only seeks to meet the increasing demand for critical minerals at a low production cost but also aligns with environmental sustainability through the use of bio heap leaching extraction methods. The future holds the potential for Metals One to either directly take these resources into production, enter into joint ventures, or sell to existing operators, thereby contributing significantly to Europe's critical mineral supply chain at reduced economic and environmental costs.

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