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Season 2, Episode 348,   Mar 11, 07:56 PM

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Harmonie Lovin grew up in a variety of houses in a vast array of places; from the mountains of Idaho to the lakes of Michigan, where she spent a year as a free spirit before returning to songwriting and, on the way, picked up a love of yoga.

Her debut of All the Pretty Houses has received rave reviews for its insights into ambiguous grief and its relatable and thought-provoking take on mental illness.

When Harmonie isn’t writing, she runs the foundation, Kaelib Field Foundation, which was inspired by her son who took his life at the age of 24. The foundation helps those suffering from severe mental illness and works to close the gap between when a child is 1st diagnosed and receives treatment. You can learn more atΒ 

The Kaelib Field Foundation ~ Because Kids Can't Wait!

In her spare time, she enjoys teaching her dogs, Bo and Ellie new tricks, balancing a plethora of plates on her head, and thinking about her next adventure.

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