Be the CEO of Your Career with Janine Esbrand

Season 4, Episode 10,   Mar 13, 07:00 AM

Welcome back to the Careering into Motherhood podcast. In this episode, we're diving into the inspiring journey Janine Esbrand from Career Change Makers.

Janine, a former lawyer turned entrepreneur, shares the transformative experience that led her to leave her legal career behind and embark on a path of coaching and consulting. Through a life-changing trip to East Africa, Janine discovered her passion for making a difference in people's lives on a personal level, ultimately leading her to transition into coaching.

Janine now helps corporate women attract roles with more meaning, impact, and pay. She supports women who are ready to powerfully position themselves to stand out, get noticed, and attract career-advancing opportunities. Janine discusses the importance of recognising and leaning into your strengths, seeking support to fill any gaps, and truly embracing the role of CEO in your career.

If you're ready to move into the driving seat of your career and achieve things you never thought possible, you can learn more about how Janine can support you by visiting her Careering into Motherhood page.

And, if you're a Coach interested in joining the Careering into Motherhood partnership programme, find out more here Become a Partner Coach - Careering into Motherhood where you'll also find details of all of our Coaching Partners and a library full of coaching tools to help working mums find fulfilment.