"Passion Struck" w/ St. Pete's John R. Miles: Forrest Galante Airs Sundays 12:15pm.

Episode 7204,   Mar 12, 09:09 PM

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In this episode, host John R. Miles interviews Forrest Galante, an adventurer, wildlife biologist, and host of Shark Week. Forrest shares his journey from growing up on a farm in Zimbabwe to becoming a passionate advocate for wildlife conservation. He discusses the challenges and risks he has faced in his career, including searching for extinct animals and encountering dangerous predators. Forrest is the author of "Still Alive: A Wild Life of Rediscovery."

Full show notes and resources can be found here: https://passionstruck.com/forrest-galante-on-exploring-edge-of-extinction/   #passionstruck #tampabay #radio #radiostpete