Fighting Fair: Navigating Disagreements in Relationships with with Sex Therapist, Deborah Fox, LICSW

Episode 6,   Mar 14, 10:00 AM

Welcome to "Conversations for Couples," where today's episode delves into a topic every couple encounters: disagreements. From minor squabbles to major arguments, we're unpacking the dynamics of fighting in a relationship. Should we fight? If so, how can we fight fair? And most importantly, how do we move forward afterward? To guide us through these turbulent waters, we're joined by Deborah Fox, a licensed clinical social worker, certified Imago therapist, and a certified sex therapist with a local practice in the DC area. Deborah brings her extensive expertise to help us understand the constructive and destructive aspects of disagreements, offering strategies for healthy communication and resolution. Whether you're looking to improve your argument resolution skills or simply curious about the role of conflict in relationships, this episode is a must-listen for couples seeking to strengthen their bond.