Moms Who Murder (Arson) | Birdie Pruessner & Anne Muhoro

Mar 14, 04:00 AM

In this episode of the True Crime Society Podcast, we discuss two cases of Moms Who Murder – Birdie Pruessner and Anne Muhoro.

  • (12:45) Sarah Sweeney
  • (16:20) Lacey Overby
  • (29:51) Birdie Pruessner & Anne Muhoro
Birdie Pruessner had four beautiful children that seemed to be the center of her universe.  She made many social media posts about how much she loved her children.  In February 2024,  Birdie posted many times in one day.  One post read:

‘All my kids, peacefully sleeping in my bed. Curled up together. Knowing they are loved so fiercely that I’d do absolutely anything for them. This is my favorite moment.’

Soon after that post, a fire broke out in Birdie’s home.  She passed away, along with her children and family pets.  Many people started pointing fingers at Birdie’s ex-partners.  

Police quickly determined that Birdie was the one to start the fire.  It is thought she set a mattress in the home alight.  She left a suicide note in her minivan.  Birdie’s family have said that she got to an awful place, one that resulted in tragic consequences.

Anne Muhoro lived on the opposite side of the world to Birdie, in Canberra, Australia.  Anne and her ex-partner George had a tumultuous relationship and had been fighting in court for years over the custody of their two children.

Early one February morning, Anne turned off the electricity to their home and removed the batteries from smoke detectors.  She then set a series of fires in the home, killing herself and her two young children.  Anne died from the effects of the fire, but investigators were not able to determine how the children died – did Anne murder them prior to the blaze?

In this episode of the True Crime Society Podcast, we discuss two cases of Moms Who Murder – Birdie Pruessner and Anne Muhoro.       

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In this episode, we also discuss two updates from previously covered cases.  The cause of death for Sarah Sweeney has come back as an overdose of medication.  And, Lacey Overby has given another update about her alleged abduction.  

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