Pharmacy Focus: OTC Contraception and Reproductive Health

Season 2, Episode 16,   Mar 29, 01:00 PM

This episode of Pharmacy Focus features an interview with Cristin Hackel, MSN, medical director at Nurx Women's Health by Thirty Madison, about OTC contraception and the pharmacist's role in reproductive health. The discussion covers currently available OTC options, like condoms and emergency contraceptive pills, as well as recent developments like the approval of the Opill. She explains the differences in efficacy between OTC and prescription methods and how OTC options can increase accessibility but require self-screening. Further, Hackel addresses the potential public health benefits of improved access to contraception and the impact on reproductive rights. She also discusses strategies for pharmacists to promote education and awareness of contraception options within their communities, such as stocking these OTC products and being knowledgeable to advise patients.