Will Tik Tok Be Banned and Pat Tat Pact on DIYS w/Amber Wallin

Episode 242,   Mar 14, 03:38 PM

Dam Internet, You Scary! hosts Patrick Cloud and Tahir Moore break down the disturbing but interesting stories on the internet!

Guest: Amber Wallin  @ItsAmberWallin  

Join hosts Patrick Cloud and Tahir Moore, with guest Amber Wallin, in an episode that traverses a minefield of today's hot topics and personal adventures. From social media to extravagant frauds, get ready for a ride through the bizarre and the humorous.
- Dive into the debate over TikTok's potential ban, the political motivations behind it, and its ripple effects on content creators like Amber.
- Unpack the peculiar news story about two women who carted around a corpse for cash, and the reactions this macabre scenario elicited from our hosts.
- Explore the scandalous tale of Bishop Whitehead's embezzlement and the irony of his flashy facade versus his pastoral role.
- Discuss Mike Tyson's continued influence in boxing, the lucrative allure of exhibition matches, and the rise of unconventional fighters like Jake Paul.
- Gain insights into the podcast "Fly on the Wallin" by Amber, listen to the hosts' takes on vacation styles, and learn how many people have a tattoo representing Pat or his business entities. 

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