The Exchange

Episode 1828,   Mar 18, 08:14 AM

On today's live ‘Exchange’ for Vox Markets, I was delighted to speak to accomplished investor & research analyst Neil Shah of Edison – including:

00:00 His investment approach & Edison Group’s ‘high conviction’ Illuminator portfolio.
08:35 Rolls-Royce
17:25 Thoughts on CMA’s review of vet pricing and impact on CVS Group Plc
20:45 Smith+Nephew
25:55 Ashtead Group Plc
27:45 Softcat plc
32:05 When to trim or sell winners?
33:55 Judges Scientific Plc
37:05 iomart
42:40 Impax Asset Management
48:10 Diaceutics PLC
53:15 YouGov
58:55 How can investors best access equity research?
62:15 Cake Box
68:20 4imprint
74:45 Venture Life Group plc
78:20 Outlook for UK equities and M&A trend
Disclosure : Paul Hill owns Iomart, whilst Venture Life is a Vox Markets client.