Why We Need Integrated Energy Companies - With Ann Davies, bp Senior Vice President, Wells

Episode 132,   Mar 21, 11:00 AM

Our guest today earned her master’s degree in physics, captained her rugby team at Oxford, and then a few years later was posted as bp’s engineering manager to Baku, Azerbaijan.

She then spent time as Country Head in neighbouring Georgia and COO of Lightsource bp, and is now bp’s Senior Vice President, Wells. 

In this conversation, Ann explains bp’s mission to become an integrated energy company, built on three strategic pillars: resilient hydrocarbons, convenience and mobility and low carbon energy.

She talks of the need for a reliable and balanced energy system, priced appropriately and invested pragmatically as the world transitions towards a lower carbon future.

Also discussed is how energy supplies are evolving amidst global conflicts, the role of financing in the energy transition, and how AI is impacting energy demand. 

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DISCLAIMER: This episode was recorded in February 2024. You can find the latest information on BP’s performance and operations at bp.com/results.