Jury Duty: Disabled Child Hot Car Murder - 002 - Cristina's Story

Season 1, Episode 15,   Sep 03, 2023, 12:52 AM

13 year old Cristina Pangalagan was left in a hot car in August in Colleton South Carolina for more than five hours, resulting in her death. Her mom, Rita, had been named 2014 Teacher of the Year in Walterboro’s Black Street Early Education Center. Rita said she went to her boyfriend Larry’s house and accidentally left Cristina in the car. Video obtained from Larry’s house, however, showed that they had taken Cristina in the house with them, then took her back out to the car and left her there for hours, even leaving the house in another car and returning home later.

Cristina was born with severe intellectual and physical disabilities that left her unable to verbally communicate, and she was confined to a wheelchair, leaving her unable to remove herself from the hot car.

Now Rita Pangalangan and her boyfriend Larry King will stand trial in Judge Clifton Newman’s courtroom for Cristina’s death.

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