Is it time to reassess the way women see success? - with Ellie English

Season 4, Episode 11,   Mar 20, 07:00 AM

Welcome to the podcast! Today, Jane speaks with Ellie English, co-leader of Feminine Warrior Mindset, an executive coaching company focused on culture change and high-performing teams. Ellie is passionate about avoiding executive burnout and believes that reframing success is key. They delve into how societal conditioning shapes our views on success and the impact on women, particularly mothers. Ellie shares insights on distinguishing between achievement and success, highlighting the importance of emotional well-being and presence. They discuss the challenges of hyper-rational cultures in workplaces and the need for empathy and belonging. Ellie also touches on her work with organizations, particularly in biotechnology, where inclusivity and support for women thrive.

Meet Ellie: As a Leadership and Mindset Coach, Ellie English (@femininewarriormindset ) empowers mothers to thrive through sustained mindset transformation. She helps her clients reduce the mental load, authentically rebalance life and strengthen relationships from the inside out.

If you are looking for support in building mental fitness, elevating your leadership effectiveness and understanding the unconscious things holding you back, you can explore Ellie’s transformative approach and methods by visiting her profile on the Careering into Motherhood website.

Ellie English - Careering into Motherhood