Totally Normal Sexy Robots

Episode 336,   Mar 21, 12:00 AM

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Cody and Noel look into OpenAI and Nvidia launching totally normal and casually lifelike butler robots that definitely won’t cause ANY problems… the guys also discuss the Kate Middleton drama and the next generation of adult iPad babies.

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Hosted by Cody Ko & Noel Miller, Created by TMG Studios, Cody Ko & Noel Miller, and Produced by TMG Studios, Cody Ko & Noel Miller. 

0:00 gotcha!
01:28 intro
02:33 tit is back
04:18 new open ai tech 
07:40 white guy robot
11:12 seatgeek 
13:05 bb8 vs. frat guys
17:40 rich guy pain
19:37 flip phones rock
21:11 poo crave
22:45 straight woman intuition
23:38 betterhelp
24:55 kate middleton 
30:00 breaking down the tmz video
33:51 meghan markle's pod
35:50 the royals are frauds
39:08 oscar nominated movies
41:32 dune 2
42:54 babies in public
44:50 baby sign language
45:35 passing down traits 
47:15 the son run
49:51 ipad kids
57:26 phone neck
58:30 fake chains
59:44 tit cases