STRATEGY. But, what actually is it? Award winning Strategist, Will Poskett breaks it down.

Episode 43,   Mar 21, 07:30 PM

In this episode of the Untalented podcast, our hosts dive into a lively discussion with Will Poskett, an award-winning strategist known for his wisdom and wit. They kick off with a fun icebreaker game of "This or That" before delving into Will's journey in the industry and his insights on strategy, creativity, and the future of advertising. Join the conversation as they explore topics like talent nurturing, diversity in the industry, defining strategy, and the impact of Define In on brands.

Discussion Highlights:

- Icebreaker Game: This or That
- Will's Background and Influential Figures
- What is Strategy?
- Challenges in the Advertising Industry
- Importance of Diversity and Inclusivity
- Initiatives to Attract Young Talent to Strategy
- Founding of Define In and Its Mission
- Impactful Strategies for Brands
Join us for an insightful and engaging conversation that sheds light on the ever-evolving landscape of advertising and strategy!

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