Midweek Takeaway with Leon Coetzer, CEO of Jubilee Metals and Charles Archer, long-term FTSE/AIM investor and freelance financial analyst (AIM:JLP) #JLP

Season 7, Episode 29,   Mar 25, 10:00 AM

In today’s episode, we're thrilled to have Leon Coetzer, CEO of Jubilee Metals, along with our esteemed analyst and financial journalist, Charles Archer, on board. Today, they dive into Charles's recent analysis titled “Investing Strategy: The Jubilee Metals Edit,” shedding light on Jubilee Metals’ remarkable evolution and strategic repositioning in the high-stakes arena of critical minerals. They delve into Jubilee’s successful expansion beyond platinum group metals (PGMs) and chrome to enhance its copper operations in Zambia, a strategic pivot poised to significantly impact its market valuation and operational scope. They unpack the journey of Jubilee from financial challenges to achieving profitable revenue generation, underscored by its diversified ventures in Zambia and South Africa, laying a foundation for robust growth and resilience. The discussion will also cover the burgeoning importance of copper in the global shift towards greener technologies and how Jubilee Metals distinguishes itself with its innovative modular technology in the dynamic mining industry. Join us as we explore the long-term investment implications of Jubilee’s strategic decisions and its pivotal role in the green transition.


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