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Season 2, Episode 351,   Mar 25, 07:52 PM

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Connections Over Coffee…

Networking and connecting are powerful catalysts for personal and professional growth. In a world where collaboration and relationships are key, it's our time to RISE! Networking enables us to expand our reach, tap into new opportunities, and learn from diverse perspectives. By building meaningful connections, we can create a supportive community that nurtures our aspirations and fuels our ambitions. Whether it's forging connections in our industry, attending networking events, or utilizing online platforms, we can unlock doors to exciting ventures, collaborations, and mentorship. Together, we can rise above challenges, inspire one another, and achieve greater heights. Let's embrace the power of networking and connecting as we seize the moment to elevate ourselves and make a lasting impact on the world.

What we’re about

Welcome to Connections Over Coffee, where your host, Kathy Binner, and co-hosts, Carmella Banks and Ruth Pierce invite you, the rockstars of life, an individual, an entrepreneur, or a solopreneur, to our Connections Over Coffee—a virtual party on Zoom that's all about connections, networking, laughter, and some good vibes. No sales pitch, no pressure, just good company.

Now, let's dive into RISE, a four-step journey to create more impacts:

Step 1: RECONNECT – Rediscover what makes you tick and what matters in your world adventure. It's your chance to define who you want to be, not just for yourself but as a superhero impacting your family, community, country, and even the whole planet.

Step 2: IMPACT – Transform your life into a blockbuster by embracing a service approach. Make your daily routine more meaningful, so that every morning feels like a celebration. Imagine waking up ready to high-five the world because you're not just successful; you're making the world a better place.

Step 3: STORIFY – Time to craft your story, not just for your ears but to inspire everyone around you. Join the league of storytellers making waves globally, turning personal tales into the superhero comics of positive change.

Step 4: ELEVATE – Be the rockstar who actively inspires others to join the celebration. Whether it's sharing good vibes or giving away inspiration like confetti, you're building a community that's raising the roof for positive change. So, let's connect, contribute, and enjoy the wild ride of making the world a better, more fun place!

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