The Maddie Soto Case A Journey Through Darkness and Hope

Mar 27, 01:23 AM

In the podcast "Hidden Killers With Tony Brueski," guest Eric Faddis, a former prosecutor and defense attorney, discusses the heartbreaking case of 13-year-old Maddie Soto, who was found dead under suspicious circumstances involving her de facto stepdad, Stefan Stearns. The discussion sheds light on various aspects of the case, highlighting:

  • Maddie Soto's Tragic Death: Just after her 13th birthday, Maddie was found dead, leading to suspicions around Stefan Stearns, who was charged with 60 counts of sexual assault but not murder.
  • Investigation and Charges: The conversation delves into the ongoing investigation, questioning why murder charges haven't been brought against anyone, including Maddie's mother, Jen Soto.
  • Role of Jen Soto: The discussion parallels the potential culpability of Maddie's mother, drawing comparisons to other cases where parents knew of abuse. The focus is on what Jen might have known and her responsibility to protect Maddie.
  • Possible Broader Implications: Speculation about a wider network involved in child abuse, prompted by the discovery of disturbing content on Stearns' devices and the possibility of Jen Soto's cooperation with investigators to uncover more about the case.