Sleepwalkers with Stephen Graham Jones

Episode 224,   Mar 27, 08:00 AM

Best Selling Author Stephen Graham Jones has a brand new book out called The Angel of Indian Lake that wraps up his Jade Daniels Trilogy and to celebrate he has returned to The Kingcast to discuss the bonkers film Sleepwalkers. Along the way, we talk about how much Hollywood is courting him for an adaptation of this newly minted trilogy, brainstorm a gritty Mr. Ed reboot, debate about the ethics of incest among Sleepwalkers, and get a brand new, highly triggering, animal encounter story from Dr. Jones. Fair warning, just after the midroll ad read, about the 45-ish minute marek, he tells not one, but two very sad stories from his childhood about cats. It's a lot, so no worries if you need to skip that section, but we promise the rest will make you laugh a lot.

Sleepwalkers is a 1992 feature film directed by Mick Garris based on an original screenplay by our show's namesake about a mommy cat person and a son cat person who love each other a little too much while on the hunt for a human virgin to sustain their supernatural cat people powers.