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Season 3, Episode 6,   Mar 29, 12:00 PM

Hold onto your hats, Wheel of Time fans, as we saddle up for a journey through the rugged terrain of television adaptations and the wild frontiers of speculative fiction. In this episode of Thank the Light, we saddle our horses and ride into the sweeping vistas of "Yellowstone" before diving headlong into the tumultuous world of "The Wheel of Time."

ğŸŽ "From Billings to Baerlon: A Tale of Two Realms" 🏔️

Join your Anderson Cooper Sadai and his Wolf Brothers as they meander from the ranches of Montana to the dusty roads of Randland. We ponder the significance of Billings, Montana, and its unexpected connection to the Dutton family's trials and tribulations. Amidst the banter, we unravel the threads of the Pattern that lead us back to the heart of The Wheel of Time, where the fate of the Dragon Reborn and the very fabric of the series hang in the balance.

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As we navigate the complex landscape of adaptations and the intricate dance of character arcs, we invite you to lend an ear and share in our reflections. Crank up the volume and let the tales of ranchers and channelers alike echo through the halls of Thank the Light: The Wheel of Time Podcast.

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📋 Episode Chapters

(00:00) Do you guys watch Yellowstone at all? Uh, I watched the first three seasons
(02:18) They made the announcement about that AI companion thing, Justin
(04:14) There's nothing about season four, if it will happen or not
(07:33) Desmond: I would like to hear your honest opinion on this
(08:23) Did you hate solo? Uh, who, uh, are you asking
(11:39) A Saturday night live game show called Forte or Sudeikis
(11:50) Are we gonna get a better version of Matt's luck this season
(13:47) The one thing I did see that they, they cast some pretty cool actresses
(15:46) Justin says he doesn't like some of the car games on the show
(17:47) There's speculation that maybe they are going to kill her off this season
(19:33) Again, one of the things I was watching nebuliss video was how powerful rand is
(20:15) Did either one of you guys see the leaked script
(21:35) Jordan Con is getting ready. Their registration closes on the 8th
(24:36) Do you have any out of the box theories about what could happen in the show
(25:25) Three characters from the wheel of time appear before our panelists
(26:16) This show had more promise than the Raiders, but it never delivered
(28:21) Thank you for listening to thank the light, the wheel of Time podcast
(31:37) When you won't shut up about your baby and when you talk about apocalypse


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