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Season 7, Episode 32,   Mar 31, 10:45 AM

Join us for the season 7 finale of The Sunday Roast this Sunday, 31st March, with your hosts Phil Carroll and Kevin Hornsby. As we embrace Spring and the days grow longer—yes, we've just set the clocks forward and lost an hour— we're gearing up for a break this Easter. But not before we dive into an enthralling discussion on an exciting company making waves in the healthcare and biotech sectors.

In this episode, we're featuring Incanthera PLC, a trailblazing entity born from the University of Bradford in 2010. Specializing in cutting-edge dermatological cancer treatments, Incanthera has ventured into the premium cosmetic domain with its innovative Skin+CELL product. This novel offering promises to revolutionize skin health by delivering Vitamin B3 directly to skin cells.

Under the leadership of Chairman Tim McCarthy and CEO Dr. Simon Ward, Incanthera has not only made a name for itself in healthcare but has also embarked on a significant partnership with Marionnaud in Switzerland—a member of the AS Watson Group. This collaboration is set to launch Skin+CELL across European and Asian markets, starting with Marionnaud's Swiss and Austrian outlets before expanding throughout Europe. With projections hinting at potential revenues skyrocketing from £10 million in the first year to over £90 million within three years, Incanthera's strategic pivot to the pharma-cosmetic arena hints at an expansive global market reach.

Additionally, we're rounding up the first quarter of 2024 with updates on the 12 stocks for 2024 and the 5 Gold Rings. So, whether you're curious about the latest in biotech innovations or seeking updates on your stock watchlist, this episode is packed with insights you won't want to miss

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