Talking 'The Visit' Jake Murray and Paul Ludden

Season 4, Episode 4,   Mar 29, 10:49 AM

Nigel sits down for a very special interview with director Jake Murray and writer/producer Paul Ludden as they explore the history, background and motivation behind their short film The Visit.

Their intense character drama tells the fictionalised story of the perpetrator of the real life bombing of Manchester city centre by the IRA in 1996. The bomber returns to present day Manchester as an aging and ailing man, contemplating the consequences of a life spent in violence.

Jake and Paul takes us through their experiences making the film as well as their perspectives on the facets of political violence, the momentum of history, the importance of supporting the arts and providing access to it, particularly for people from deprived backgrounds and getting a huge boost to the production from Jack Reacher author Lee Childs.

Read our review of The Visit and watch the film here.

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