Sacrilege for Sale

Mar 29, 12:59 PM

Pete Wehner joins to discuss Trump's "patriotic" Bible, lawfare accusations over Trump's trials, and Putin's war on truth.

The Atlantic's Peter Wehner joins the panel to discuss Trump hawking a "patriotic" Bible, accusations of lawfare regarding Trump's trials, and Putin's war on truth.

Highlights / Lowlights:

Mona— What Would You Have Israel Do to Defend Itself? (David Brooks, NYT)

Damon— Tucker Carlson's hilariously wrong prediction that Sam Bankman-Fried would avoid justice because he was a megadonor.

Peter— Lowlight: Jesus's Crucifixion. Highlight: Easter, of course.

Linda— Bridge collapse brings stark reminder of immigrant workers’ vulnerabilities (WaPo)

Bill— Democrat who ran heavily on abortion rights, IVF wins Alabama special election (WaPo)