One of Many with Neal Brennan | Soder Podcast | EP 21

Episode 22,   Apr 03, 04:00 AM

Soder is joined by comedian  @nealbfree and they talk about how CRAZY you need to be to be GREAT. Abusive parents and growing up, the Baltimore bridge was BAD, Bio pics SUCK, Mac Miller's new song, Caddy on the PGA tour, Michael Jordan stories, Barry sanders and other CRAZY people, Kardashian hustle, and Drake vs Kendrick Lamarr.

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00:00 Dance
04:30 WE are the World
06:13 Hulk Hogan
09:30 Ai out of control
14:30 magicians
16:00 Talent Shows
22:30 90s TV
28:00 Wrestling
35:00 Talent Show Champ