Is the Stellar Blade demo worth the hype?

Episode 478,   Apr 01, 04:36 AM

On Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 478, we answer questions about the Stellar Blade demo, Dragon’s Dogma 2, the PS5’s success, the PS5 Pro, Platinum trophies, GTA6, best gaming sequels, and more!

Tonight’s questions:

- Is the Stellar Blade demo worth the hype?
- What do you guys think about Dragon’s Dogma 2?
- Why has the PS5 been so successful?
- Which will win: the white digital-only Xbox Series X or the PS5 Pro?
- What’s the most you’ll tolerate for a Platinum trophy in a game?
- Will the next Xbox be the best place to play GTA6?
- What are the best sequels of any generation?
- How should minorities be represented in video games?

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