Work-Life Balance in Entrepreneurship | Deeper than Dough - Cambria Smith

Episode 68,   Apr 01, 11:00 AM

Cambria Smith shares her journey from working odd jobs to becoming a State Farm agent and opening her own agency in Utah. She discusses the challenges of building a team and the importance of outsourcing and delegating tasks. Cambria emphasizes the need for a supportive team and defines her mission as creating freedom of time and money for herself and her customers. She highlights the power of patience and the mindset of an entrepreneur. In this conversation, Cambria Smith shares insights and experiences from her journey as a State Farm agent. The conversation covers topics such as the importance of taking action, the 10X rule in business, hiring challenges and lessons learned, defining success and setting goals, creating work-life balance, bringing personality into business, combining personal and business mission statements, building trust and transparency in sales, leaving a legacy, finding purpose and fulfillment, overcoming challenges and building healthy habits, and the concept of free will and letting go of guilt. Cambria also shares where listeners can connect with her on social media.

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