Swift CBDC Coming Soon?

Episode 111,   Apr 02, 02:33 AM

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Bit Bite Podcast! In this week’s installment, our hosts dive deep into the world of cryptocurrencies, dissecting the latest trends, news, and developments. Let’s break down the highlights:

Market Close Analysis:
The guys kick off by dissecting the weekly, monthly, and quarterly market closes. Brace yourselves, crypto enthusiasts, because the numbers are staggering! Bitcoin surged to a jaw-dropping $71,000, leaving traders and hodlers alike buzzing with excitement. 🚀
CBDC Test Run by SWIFT:
Ever wondered about the future of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)? Look no further! Our hosts discuss the recent test conducted by SWIFT, the global financial messaging network. What does this mean for the crypto landscape? Tune in to find out!
Bitcoin ETF Flows:
The Bit Bite crew shifts gears to explore the fascinating world of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). These investment vehicles have been making waves, attracting institutional players and retail investors alike. Get ready for an insightful discussion on their impact and potential.
Countdown to the Halving:
As the clock ticks down, our hosts delve into the halving phenomenon. What happens when the mining reward is slashed in half? How does it affect Bitcoin’s scarcity and price dynamics? Buckle up for a riveting countdown!