The Shining with Keith Gordon

Episode 225,   Apr 03, 08:00 AM

You haven't really lived until you hear the acclaimed actor and director Keith Gordon (Christine, Back to School, Dressed to Kill, Mother Night) contemplate the blowjob dog ghost for a surprisingly long period of time. You get exactly that, plus a ton of talk about his work with John Carpenter in Christine, Brian De Palma in Dressed to Kill, as well as his early directorial outing Wild Palms.

Keith is a cinephile and happened to be in the opening weekend audience when Stanley Kubrick's The Shining debuted, which means he saw the original ending before Kubrick cut it. He tells us about that as well as his thoughts on his first ever reading of King's original novel in this super-sized episode.

The Shining chronicles the slow descent into madness as one very troubled father succumbs to the ghosts (both literal and metaphorical) gnawing at his psyche while acting as the winter caretaker of the fancy Overlook hotel. The debate between the quality of Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of King's masterpiece has been raging for over 40 years and even spills into this very episode.