#72 How To Be Imperfectly Happy In Your Business

Episode 72,   Apr 04, 05:00 AM

It's scary having to embrace the reality of our imperfections sometimes, isn't it? Believe me, I know! In this episode, I wanted to open up about my own personal journey... because, after all: "it takes a village". Right?

I talk about my diagnosis of ADHD and autism, which helped me understand my need for newness and I explore how this need for change has influenced my business. I'll also talk about how you can focus on your core passion and purpose, embrace uncertainty, and enjoy the excitement of the business journey.

Listen to hear:
  • The journey to self-awareness
  • My experiences of frequent relocations, car changes, and job transitions, leading to my diagnosis of ADHD and autism.
  • The impact of my diagnoses on my business journey and the different delivery mechanisms I have had to use. 
  • Understanding personal patterns
  • Embracing uncertainty and creativity
  • The spice of the unknown
  • The core goal: happiness
  • Mission: helping others be happier

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