Episode 338,   Apr 04, 12:00 AM

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The guys discuss the recent XZ hack and Facebook’s shady VPN lawsuit. Plus, stories from their coding days, why ‘girl actors’ deserve respect, and Noel breaks down the lyrics of NSYNC’s No Strings Attached album. 

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00:00 macbook camera ftw
00:50 intro
01:55 cody’s body double
02:41 sneakerhead scamming
06:19 check out facebook
08:25 facebook’s vpn lawsuit
10:58 seatgeek 
12:18 explaining facebook’s vpn scheme
15:33 onavo security 
18:17 zuck stays based 
19:43 xz hack
23:32 rocket money
25:06 finding the backdoor
27:47 hacker rizz
29:40 passive aggressive engineers 
32:04 self taught programming
35:54 betterhelp 
37:15 noel’s overcommitted dev job 
40:51 hitting eject
45:27 future’s gucci flip flops
49:18 thought it was a drought
50:43 check on your girl
52:38 liquid death
54:34 did future fuck my girl? 
56:15 nsync’s album lore
58:08 space cowboy
1:02:07 digital get down
1:04:32 cyber sex in 2000
1:06:48 nsync’s discography
1:10:25 jack harlow’s tweet
1:11:25 tmg festival
1:12:46 bonus time