#73 What Is A Business Owner's Mindset?

Episode 73,   Apr 11, 05:00 AM

How does your business mindset effect your entrepreneurship? A lot, it turns out... Having a continuous personal, and professional, development is vital to becoming more deliberate in your business decisions. Believe me, I know!

I'll share my own early business endeavours, my initial naivety in franchise ownership, and my subsequent growth in the education sector, as well as the importance of balance.

Listen to hear:
  • The topic of mindset and its significance for business owners.
  • The difference between owning a business and being a business owner 
  • the essential skills, attributes, and knowledge required for a business owner's mindset.
  • My own early entrepreneurial experiences
  • My decision to purchase a franchise for a kids' magazine and the unrealistic expectations I had.
  • Transition to independent business ownership
  • Strategic Planning and Business Shift 
  • The journey of finding a balance between drive, focus, and conscious decision-making as a business owner.
  • Achieving a Business Owner's Mindset

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